So this is the page where I bare myself to the world. To be honest, I don’t think there are that many photographs of me during the last few years. Only recently am I confident enough to allow my kids and husband to snap me, but only when I’m unawares. Not quite ready for posing…

My issues with eating and weight really started in my childhood. I grew up in Bavaria with a mother and grandmother who loved to cook and a father who loved to eat. I remember roast pork, dumplings, Spaghetti Carbonara (my mom is a huge fan of Italy), sweet main courses like Kaiserschmarrn (pancake batter fried with raisins and sugar, torn with forks), Dampfnudeln (sweet yeast dumplings with vanilla sauce) and Pflaumenknödel (dumplings filled with plums, covered in melted butter, sugar and cinnamon), washed down with bottles of apple juice. I ballooned like the dumplings.

When I started college, my diet deteriorated. I ate mainly in the cafeteria and lived the student life.

Eventually I moved to London to be with my boyfriend at the time and here I was exposed for the first time to organised dieting. I joined my first Slimming Club and lost weight with a 1000 kal diet. It wasn’t enough. I never hit my target weight and felt like a failure when I exceeded my allowance by 100 kal. I remember going to India and a lady asking me on the beach if I was pregnant. I was that bloated and felt ill all the time.

Then I tried Weight Watchers. Then Slimming World. Then Weight Watchers again. Everytime it got harder and harder. South Beach Diet, Atkins, various magazine diets followed. We moved to Ireland with two small children in tow. Now I spent days alone while my husband worked in London. The rain, the loneliness, the stress of raising my kids pretty much alone got to me to the point where I started to binge eat. My weight rocketed to over 220 lbs.

Eventually I saw a video of myself and had enough. I had just turned 40 and I was fat, depressed and miserable. So I started researching and the first thing that hit me, was that I may have a thyroid problem. I don’t want to go into how hard it was to convince a doctor to acknowledge that maybe I had Hashimoto’s. I had to finally pay for a private flight and consultation in Germany to have my self-diagnosis confirmed. If you feel that thyroid might be an issue, I would highly recommend Stop the Thyroid Madness.

The other light bulb went off when I came across Mark Sisson’s site. I was blown away by what I found.

Over the next years, I started to get my life together. We moved to Germany and my husband and I try to stick to a Primal/Paleo template of eating as possible. The final piece of the puzzle was when I found a Crossfit box some minutes away from our house. Crossfit is relatively new in Germany and we loved finding a community that accepted us despite the age difference to the younger members. The workouts are really hard. Really really hard. And at my age, the body doesn’t recover as fast from injuries or in-between workouts.

What is great though is my fitness compared to other women my age. I can squat in the supermarket and stay down for a long time. I can lift heavy crates of water. I can sprint across the street to catch a bus. I’m still 195 lbs but my waist and hip measurements have gone down by inches. I wear 2 sizes smaller.

So this is my story so far. I’m going to write about the effects of low-carb natural eating on me and my family. About sport. About latest research. And why meno-pausal women are different from mid-twenties men. Just so you know.