Are you plagued by stubborn fat? Low calories, low carb, low fat - nothing works? Are you convinced that your metabolism is broken?

Drs Jade, Keoni and Jill Teta as well as Dr. Jill Coleman address the reasons why weightloss becomes more difficult as we get older - it has nothing to do with willpower and all to do with our HORMONES!

I took more than 30 pages of notes at the Metabolic Effect Summit 2015 in Manchester. Find out why the inability to lose fat is NOT YOUR FAULT and what you can do about it!

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Dr. Jade Teta

Dr. Jade Teta

As I'm writing this, I'm decompressing after a truly outstanding weekend in lovely Manchester. The Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Summit catered to both professional and non-professional fitness and health devotees.

We were treated to two days of probably the most advanced knowledge and practical research in the area of the connection of metabolism and weight loss.  The talks covered the importance of our gut biome for our health and weight loss, how blood tests and supplements can move us forward in our journey and how an attitude of moderation will work better in the long run.

Dr. Jade Rocked the House

The key event was Jade Teta standing and talking for 7 hours with small breaks. What a testimony to the guy that we weren't bored once!

Jade spoke about the fallacy of Eat Less, Exercise More as the only metabolic manipulation tool in our arsenal  when we try to lose weight.

There are far better alternatives to prevent our metabolism getting used to lower calories and higher exercise output. Jade laid them out clearly and we were riveted.

So did the other Tetas!

Dr. Keoni Teta

Dr. Keoni Teta

Jade's  brother Keoni as well as his wife and sister-in-law are all qualified medical professionals and know their stuff. It was very refreshing to hear sometimes complex messages being put across clearly without dumbing it down for the audience.

Over the next few weeks, I will summarise many of the lectures with kind permission of the ME team.

I've also taken over 30 pages of notes which are now available for people interested in the methodology of this remarkable team of doctors.

Did I mention we also did a murder workout (15 minutes?!? Felt like an hour!) with Jade called Aftershock which tired me out so much that I'll be going to bed in a few minutes.

Stay tuned for more info - if you'd like to check out ME in the meantime, here's the link to their site.

Update: I've now written a blog post about Metabolic Compensation - a concept I hadn't heard of but that entirely explains weight loss rebound and why it gets harder and harder to shed the blubber!